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The most recent geo-political changes, the pandemic, the rising voices for new civil rights, and the environmental crisis, have created global movements that are easily identified online via SEO searches. Hashtags show data related to communities and their reactions toward: culture, arts, architecture, design, fashion, interiors, fashion, and music. Data is easily found, and can be applied in strategies capable of turning around any business.
Digital Society requires IMMERSIVE REALITY environments both in private and public spaces, merging Phygital platforms and Playground for new possibilities as for META.

The Jewellery Trendbook is an international reference point for the jewellery goldsmith world. Divided by thematic areas, it describes the evolution of consumption in the luxury market and takes a careful look at the emerging phenomena that condition the evolution of society, reflecting on purchasing behavior.

THE JEWELLERY TRENDBOOK 2024+: the definitive guide to trends in the jewellery market


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